This horror movie like creature is a worm of the order of polychaeta. Marine worms of an incredible variety of shapes and sizes which live in oceans worldwide.

The Bobbit Worm is a voracious predator, who lives burried in the sand just with its head looking outside. When a prey, like fish or crabs, touch one of its sensorial antenae, the worm jumps from the sand and catch the prey with its prowerfull jaws, and then take the victim to the underground to eat it. Sometimes this attack is so quick and strong that the prey is slashed in half by the predator jaws.

These creatures are surprinsingly big, reaching 2,5 cms diameter and up to 3 meters long. They live in the Indo-Pacific, preferably in warm waters. And, dispite they hunt for surviving, they are omnivorous, so they could eat a variety of things apparts from meat if necesary.

In March 2009, the Newquay’s Blue Reef Aquarium discovered a bobbit worm in one of their tanks. The workers had seen the devastation caused by the worm, such as fish being injured or disappearing and coral being sliced in half, but didn’t find it until they started taking the display apart in the tank.

Now this worm called *Barry*, is the greatest atraction of the aquarium.

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