All the creatures we know have a life cycle. All of them born, grow, reproduce and die. Maybe some of them can resist or stop this process for a while, frizzing themselves as Tardigrades do, but all of them finally unavoidably become old…almost all of them. Turritopsis nutricola is a jellyfish of just half centimeter wide. But it has an ability that no other creature known has.

Just as the cycle of butterflies, many jellyfish has a cycle with many transformations, from a polyp like colony, to swimming microscopic larvae and then into mature Jellyfish. Adults finish their purpose of reproducing, and then dies, but Turritopsis don’t. Because Turritopsis, once arrived to the adult age and reproduce itself, has the amazing capacity, to revert its aging process. Just as if the butterfly could become a caterpillar again, this incredible creature can go back once again into its polyp form and start the cycle again…and again…and again…

How does it happen? When we are born, all our cell are neutral, and then receive the instruction of becoming blood cells, bone cells, neurons, etc. This jellyfish, can turn its cells again to this primary neutral state, and order them to become what they were before being and adult. Going back to its young state once again.

This discovery is not new. Turritopsis hability has been studied since the nineties, and scientists have seen this creature repeating its cycle dozens of times.

Could the secret of immortality be here?

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