Also known as “the boxer shrimp”, this is maybe not only one of the strogest animals on earth, but also the one with the better sense of vision.

Mantis shrimps live in tropical and sub tropical oceans all over the world. They are voracious hunters, who feed on almost any kind of small animal they can reach from the bottom of the sea. Some species of them has develloped sharp claws to pierce soft body animals in just one movement. Others have developped hammer like claws, for smashing the shells of crabs and even tick snails. Such is the power of their strikes, that they can even brake the glass of an aquarium in a single attack. More than it. Such is the speed of this movement, that they produce bubbles of air wich also impact the aim as a second strike sockwave.

But the most amazing of them, are their eyes. Their eyes can moove indepently one from the other. Each one posses binocular capacity (humans need to combine both eyes to get this). They can see colours from ultra violet to infrared and even they detect all tipes of polarized light better than any man made camera. In practical words, this last hability allows them to distinghish transparent preys prefectly.

Creatures like this are the result of a difficult world, where formidable enemies, require formidable weapons.

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