Red Tides are a hugely common phenomena on south pacific waters. Each year news talk about people sick and even dead because of eating seafood infested by Red Tides. But, what are Red Tides?

I introduce to you, the Dinoflagellates. These creatures are among the most common beings you can find in the plancton. With more than a thousand species, these microscopic plants and their companions, the Diatomeas, are like the grass which almost all the vegetarian sea animals  eat.

But, some of these species are poisonous. Not for the animals who eat them, but for humans who eat these animals. When the ambiental conditions get optimal for them (more than enought sunlight and nutrients on water), these creatures multiply by billions, painting the waters on red, yellow, green, and even blue. (the color of the Chlorophila inside them) and there is when the situation became dangerous.

Fish in these conditions die because the Dinoflagellates get stuck in their gills and suffocate them. Mollusks doesn’t show any kind of simptomes. BUT, if you eat a single molluks infested with Red Tides without boiling it enought, you can espect tree kind of reactions (each one of them caused by the venom of a different Dinoflallelate specie):



-Paralisis and then dead

The first two cases are just unconfortable, but in the third, you just have a few minutes to get to a hospital before your breath system get paralised. So, how can we avoid this dangers? Simply, buy always seafood from authorised commerces, and ALWAYS boil it before eating. Lemon and vinagre doesn’t neutralize the venoms. These simple habits could save you from terrible consequences.  <–Version en Espanol (Spanish Version)