New Zealand, the South Island. A humid forest near de Augustus Mount. After a bit of rain, an earth worm goes out from its refuge just to take a bit of air, and maybe explore a new territory. No sings of birds or hedgehogs near. All seems safe. Suddenly, a movement takes the attention of the worm. Seems to be the movements of a snail, nothing to fear of.

But, this snail is different, is a really big one, with a dark shell and black body, the snail approach the unsuspected worm, open its mouth, and in a flash movement, sucks the worm as if it were an spaghetti. This is, the New Zealand Giant Snail.

This creatures live only in this little part of the world and, despite their amazing characteristics, they are now in danger. Their habitat has been owned by a mining company, and all the known specimens has been taken in captivity or moved to a new territory by conservationist organizations. And, despite there are movements now fighting for saving them, their future is uncertain.

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