Imagine yourself exploring a world, where everything is surrounded by darkness and mystery. Suddenly, a kind of round white spaceship approach to you, it doors open and you find yourself face to face with an ghostly alien creature with transparent body, many arm finished by big claws, a greek helmet like head, and four huge composed eyes looking at you.

This is the Phronima. A crustacean of the family of Amphipods, which has adapted itself to survive in the dark world of the deep seas. Phronimas are predators, each specie specialized for hunting jelly animals like jellyfish, slaps, or ctenophores (comb jellies). Some of them life in the bottom and some other swims looking for they preys, using a really amazing strategy

After catching a prey enough big for their purposes, they eat only the inner part of it leaving the external part intact and finally they make holes as entrance and exit of the structure. Now they have their own floating ship for traveling the oceans, where they can just worry about propelling it time to time, and wait in the entrance for any unsuspecting prey.

But, despite their aspect and macabre habits, they really love their children. Once the new floating house is ready, the females use it as nest for their eggs and hatchery for their larvae. There, the little ones are save, and their mother can bring them food until they could survive for their own.

Which other amazing mysteries can be seen in this dark deep world?