Since ancient times. People told stories about miraculous waters of specific pound and rivers with the ability to cure many kinds of sickness, but it was just until the twentieth century when the cause of this miracle was discovered.

If a virus was a tennis ball, a bacteria would be the entire tennis field. Formally called as Bacteriophages (bacteria eaters), these are an entire order or viruses with many identified species, al of them with the same goal: survive, multiply, and spread. But, as all the viruses, they can’t replicate by themselves. They need to use the reproductive systems of other living beings to do it. Some viruses chose animal cells for this purpose, other chose plants, fungus or protozoa. They, chose bacterias.

Bacteriophages are among the most common living beings on earth. They are everywhere bacterias are and each specie has specialized itself for invading an specific type of cell. When they find a bacteria of the kind they are specialized for. They land on it as a spaceship on a new planet and inject their DNA (or ARN)  through the cell wall. The genetic material replaces a part of the bacterial genes, making the victim to replicate the different parts of the virus as many times as possible. Finally, the new viruses assemble themselves and burst the bacteria from inside, getting free to to search new victims to invade.

Despite some successful research was made on this creatures as a cure for diseases, the discovery of antibiotics eclipsed this part of medical science just until some years ago, when bacterias started becoming more and more resistant. However while the west countries focused themselves in the research of antibiotics, the Soviet Union continued looking for new uses of bacteriophages and even using them on their armies as medicine. Is just now that these old archives of the cold war are being opened once again.

Could be this creatures the next phase of our fight against dead?

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