Yeah, spiders can dive. These amazing creatures can be seen in freshwater slow current lakes and ponds, arround Europe and Asia. They live all their lives in water hunting aquatic insects and small fish. Curiously they have lungs, and breathe oxygen as any other spider, so, how can they live under water?

Their technique to do this is as clever as fascinating. The spiders breathe trough the end of their abdomens, which they show outside the water to get air. All their bodies, specially their legs and abdomen, are covered by thin hairs. With these hairs they can trap and manipulate air bubbles from the surface. So when they want to dive they cover their abdomen with a single air bubble with enough supply for a while.

With the air they take and a bit of silk water spiders builts their nests with the form of a big bubble atached to any solid element from the bottom. Is in this nest where they storage their air supplys and also keep their eggs and childs.

The nest also is usefull to hunt. When a possible prey touch a silk string the vibration advice the spider, who quicly goes out, captures the prey and take it inside the big bubble.

Is due to this structure that the water spider can live permanently underwater without risking going outside. Nature can pose big tasks for survival, but as big is the barrier, as amazing is the solution.

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