Only known by its scientific name: Toxoplasma Gondii, this is a microscopic protozoa, familiar to amoebas and radiolarians, with the increidible hability of infest the brain of other animals, and control its behaviour for its convenance.

Toxoplasma starts its live inside cats, spreading trhought all its cells. Feeding from it and degenerating its brain with visible symptoms like convulsions and mad behaviours. Then, it spawns go out with cats excrements, which are eventually consumed by rats. The parasite need to go back to a cat to complete its life cycle, so after getting to rat´s brain, it starts shooting chemical signals, which order the rat to follow the urine trace of cats for finally being eaten by them.

But the most terrible of this parasite, is that it CAN also infect humans. Cat´s excrements which fall to the grass can be eaten by animals like cows and chikens, which we eat. The undercooked meat of any farmed animal can transmit the Toxoplasm to us. But, which are the effects? This is still being studied, but scientist has determined that almost a half of human population has toxoplasm in their brains, and actually pregnant mothers can transmit it to their childs.

Toxoplasmosis has been asociated with cases of neurosis, violence, and even schizophrenia, and the worst of it, there is no cure.

Look yourself at the mirror, and judge your own behaviour. Could you be controlled right now?

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