The only survirvor of its kind. Has gained its amazing  name and its macabre scientific name “Vampyroteuthis infernalis”, by to main reasons.

First, is it shape. Its eight tentacles are envelloped by a spiny membrane with gives them the appearence of an umbrella or a bat wing and second, this squid has addapted itself to survive…in the dark side of the ocean. (600 to 1500 meters deep), specifically, where the daylight is just enought to make the landscape see like a permanent twilight.

The vampire squid can survive with the minimum oxigen. Its body is so light (almost the same consistence of a jellyfish) that it can float without efforts. It posess two long sensitive tentacles; the biggest eyes (proporcionally) of the animal kingdom and appart of it, two light receptors in the top of the head. So it is capable to detect the most minimun movement of a prey approaching.

But the most amazing of the Vampire, are its deffensive strategies. If anything menaces it, it can involve itself with the umbrella formed by its tentacles leaving the spines pointing out. If the menace persist, it haves the capacity of producing light in some shining dots spread on its skin, so it can control the brightness of the light to disapoint the predators about its actual position. And if there is the absolute need of scape, it can´t trow ink, but a shining mucus which, as the tail of an escaping lizard, distracts the enemy while the squid scapes.

But don´t be afraid, this vampire, is just 30 cms big.

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