Glow-Worm Grotto caves in New Zealand, have became a compulsory destiny for tourist cause of the Glow Worms. This creature is unik of this country. It can live in any kind of place with a roof and dark, but in this caves, they can be seen by thousands.

What makes this creature amazing, is the way it haunt its preys. These worms are the larvae of a unik kind of fly, which in all its fases are able to produce light. The larvae made their nests of silk and mucus in the cave roofs and from there they release several strings of the same materials. Then , using special chemicals, its tale shines, attracting flying insects like moths to the trap. The confused insects get suddenly glued on the strings, and the worm can just pull it up to enjoy the meal.

When pupas and adults, these creatures use the light to comunicate and get a couple, to restart the cycle of live again.

Many incredible creatures are lost in the deep of seas or are almost invisible, but this one, in one that can be found, seen, and enjoyed.

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