600 million year old. More than 5 millions species identified. Spread worldwide. These are the Radiolarians. Microscopic beings who live and prosper in the plancton. They are close cousins of the Amoeba, with just an important difference: the silica skeleton which surrounds and protect their unicelular body. 

These glasslike skeletons are designed, to order and protect the important organs of the animal, also allowing its tentacles to move out to swim, catch particles and preys, trow depositions away and advice of any external stimulus. Each specie has an unique desing which variety and complexity has austonished the scientists since the first radiolarian was discovered.

Such is the beauty, perfection, and variety of radiolarian chapes, that the scientist who discovered them on the 19th cenctury, dedied all his live to study, clasify and draw them. Even an entire style of art and desing was inspired by them, which includes architecture, fourniture, and products of different kinds.

Creatures like these show us, that the most perfect designer an artist we can find, is Nature.

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