These alien spaceship like creatures, are close cousins of jellyfish, corals,  anemones and hydras. They can be found in seas worldwide, from near the  coasts to the most deep of the abyss.

All of them are predators. Their size, from some millimeters to 20 cms,  allows them to feed from particles, crustaceans, larvae, fish eggs and even  other of their kind, wich they catch using a pair of retractable tentacles or  pumping water inside their mouth to engulf the prey completely.

What caracterizes all the Comb Jellies, is their swimming mechanism. All of  them have eight lines composed by thousands of little hairs which they shake  to propel themselves.

But the most amazing of this creatures, is their ability to to produce light, shining in all the colors of the rainbow while swimming, and producing one of the most beautiful spectacles of the sea.

If you are a diver and you see one, don’t doubt on approaching and even touching it. It will be an unforgettable experience.

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