Concidered by scientists as one of the first attempts of nature to create a multicelular being, Volvox is not a single creature, but a colony of them. Every green point is a single celled green algae. All of them united by a substance which supports and gives form to the colony.

Every cell has a primitive eye able to see the difference between light and dark. Also they have two tails, one pointing inside the sphere, and the other outside.  Shaking these tails coordinatelly they can move seaking for light (what every plant needs to feed) and to find other colonies in reproduction time.

Volvox are organized in male and female colonies. When one of each meet, the male colony divides its cells to form sperm like messengers, which swim out to reach the female colony. The “daughter colonies”  will be formed inside the female sphere. When they reach the age to be independent and the “mother sphere” reaches the time to die, it will open itself to let the little colonies go out and start a new cycle. If a Volvox doesn´t find a couple it also can use asexual reproduction, generating a kind of clone colonies which it will release to preserve its genetical legacy.

Volvox can be found in freshwater pounds in all the world, and some species can reach a few milimeters size. So, for founding one, you just have to open your eyes.

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