For many scientists, this creature is the lost link between worms and centipedes. It has the form of the centipede, but its body is soft and flexible. Its internal anatomy is similar to the artropoda (centipedes, spiders, lobsters, insects), but it has no body divitions like them. It also has many legs to walk, but they are unjointed, with a retractable foot and hooked claw. Like a primitive version of insects legs.

Velvet worms live only in moist places like tropical forests. They are nocturnal and carnivorous, feeding on small insects and crustaceans, or on the carcases that bigger insect leave abandoned. Its hunting strategy is the most amazing of this creature. When it sees a prey, it is able to throw some kind of glue up to 30 cms far. This glue immovilizes the prey leaving it unnable o run or fight, so the worm can get it to it and feed itself peacefully.

These are creatures that, despite being unknown for most people, had always called the attention of most scientist, cause in its simple structure and body, may be hidden several keys to the past.

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