Also called “The True Slime”, this little creature slides in the humid forests without being noticed by our eyes. This being is so old and so basic in its form, that scientists can’t classify it as an animal or a fungus. But in a most ancient group called the Protista, which shared characteristics of both groups.

The life cycle of the Slime Mold is what makes it so mysterious. First, this creature looks like a single and estrange fungus. It is visible with the naked eye, and can reach several centimeters tall. This fungus spreads its spores around the forest and then degenerates. Each of this spores, becomes a single and microscopic amoeba like creature, which slides in the floor devouring bacteria. But suddenly the call of reproduction reaches these amoebas, and they start calling their our kind with chemical signals. Thousand of amoeba join in a huge group and fuse in a single giant slime. This slime slides engulfing bacteria and decomposed matter until reaching and ideal place where to morph in a new tick fungus and start the cycle again.

This being is just one of the amazing spectacles, that many times just lies invisible, under our feet.

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